Support for PineTime

I was wondering if there was plans for supporting the PineTime (link to device page below).

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Hello @Melgal , my collegue @jiri-urbandroid is very keen about the PineTime, but last tiem we checked there many of the required APIs whch we would need for the integration were missing. I guess we may need to revisit it but few months back it was not possible to integrate with the PineTime…

Thank you for the quick response! Do you know if the APIs are a hardware limitation, or software? Looking at their store page they are now selling production versions of the device, so I would assume they have a more filled out set of APIs to integrate with their hardware.

They are in software IMHO… We will have a look at the latest development… maybe something has changed if they started shipping now…

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Has there been any updates to this? If not is there a way to donate a dev kit (open box, just the dev kit, not the sealed watch).

I’m also curious about this. Let us know if you have any updates :slight_smile: