Support for Amazfit Band 5 and SpO2

Amazfit Band 5 has been released for some time now. It is basically the same as MiBand 5, but it has additional NFC and SpO2 sensor.

Is there any chance of it being supported in sleep as android? Would accelerometer and SpO2 work at the same time in sleep tracking?

Thanks in advance

Hello! I just bought the amazfit band 5. Wich app shall I download? Tools & Amazfit or Notify & Fitness? Or it doesn’t matter? Thank you in advance and congratulations for the excellent work.

Both Tools & Amazfit and Notify for Amazfit works with this device in their app description. Give it a try

Thanks a lot!

Hello folks,

let me explain in details:

  1. Mi Band/Amazfit is a closed system and integration is possible only because of heroes like Matteo of Notify & Finess and Zdenek Horak of Tools & Mi Band… They sniff the hex code and find the hidden interfaces in that mess…
  2. Even Mi Band/Amazfit is able to track your SPO2 data and show them in the app, there does not seem to be a method which would provide SPO2 so that Tools or Notify apps could read it…
  3. Still Matteo of Notify & Fitness was able to get at least raw LED data from the SPO2 sensor - there is still a long way to go to get SPO2 % from the intensitity of the light signal on the sensor…
  4. So we cooperated with Matteo - he prepared a special version of Notify with the raw data collection and we have tracked SPO2 using a second device compatible with Sleep as Android and compared the raw data from Mi Badn with the SPO2 values from the other device in a hope to find a reliable function to get SPO2 data from the raw LED data…
  5. It is quite a cumbersome task as you can see there are lots of thinks which can go wrong and although having maybe an hour of data we have not been able to find a reliable way to determine the SPO2 % from the raw LED signal yet :(…
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Did you try that on a person with high SPO2 variability? I am not an expert, but it seems to me that the precision of oximetry readings by the bands is really bad. Everything will look like a noise.

The only way it’s seems is to corelate the readings during high variability of the oxygen which occurs for example during airplane flight.