Sunrise before alarm

From Michael Writhe on 2015/04/21 07:05:12 +0000

There are currently options to set smart watch vibrations to different points of the alarm. Ode love to see the same with the Phillips hue sunrise. I find the alarm goes off, even if it’s quietly, and then the light turns in slowly. It would be great if I could turn the light on and delay the alarm for five minutes after it hits full brightness (for example).

Copied from original feature request:

From Petr Nálevka on 2015/06/03 09:09:20 +0000

+GM you have an alarm backup fetaure durectly in sleep as android, just use a silent ringtone and rely on sunrise with hue, if you would not react in the configured time Sleep as Android will trigger the backup alarm…

From GM on 2015/06/03 00:52:15 +0000

This is really a missing feature, the option of sunrise BEFORE alarm … I'm temporary using the backup alarmzthe problem is the loudness of. It