Sudden decrease in deep sleep

Has anyone noticed a big drop in their deep sleep from maybe a month ago? I personally do not think my sleeping routine has changed dramatically so I was wondering if it may be a change in tracking or an algorithm?
I’ve attached my deep sleep chart and a few typical night’s sleep.

Hello @23deano, sorry for the issues. This always depends on sensor used… I see you are using sonar… can you please use menu - report a bug… this will share raw data with us and we can look if maybe something did not change in your audio system - maybe some artifact or similar…

I am seeing the same issue. In addition, I wake in or just after a dream but there is no indication of rem during the entire night. It would’ve useful to add a event for REM manually, then you could fine tune your tracker across the community. Maybe even have it tune automatically to each user. Will submit a bug.