StressLocator disconnects when I leave the room

Hello. I’ve used the StressLocator twice since receiving it, and both times, it has disconnected (without any notification in the app) when I leave the bedroom to go to the bathroom. Is anyone else having this problem? I live in a very old stone building and I imagine that the bluetooth connection is getting lost, but why doesn’t it reconnect when I return??

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


This happened again, even when I brought my phone with me. Something is not right. HappyElectronics Support is not responding. Hmmmmmm

It happens to me as well. Leave the room for a few minutes. On my return, the heart rate symbol is still flashing but at the end of sleep, there is no spo2/hrm tracking after the event. My only workaround is to remove the watch and sensor when leaving the bedroom and reapply on returning, which is less than ideal.

I just realised this is a very old post were you able to resolve the issue? How did you get those spo2/hrm graphs?

Michael, I gave up on the Happy Electronics device. Sent it back to them and received a refund. Sorry…