Streams for Online Radio

The online radio streams available in Sleep as Android originate from Some FM. Unfortunately, there are typos in:

  • “Bagel Rock” which should be called “BAGeL Radio”
  • “Space Station” which should be called “Space Station Soma”

IMHO, it is not a problem that Soma FM is not mentioned in the names of the online radios, but the names of the stations should be correct. (PS I’m not affiliated with them.)

Currently, the following streams from Some FM which are very appropriate for Sleep as Android are missing

Perhaps, it is an idea to group all online radio into two groups:

  • online radio to relax
  • online radio to energize

This will make it for users easier to find the online radio they are looking for (number of online radio to search for is roughly divided by two) and users are not thrown back and forth between easy listening and intense music while choosing online radio (just before going to bed extra musical stimuli would are not desirable when choosing e.g. a lullaby or easy listening to wake up to the next morning).

@jiri-urbandroid @petr-urbandroid If you want, I can lend a hand to fix the typos and add the remaining streams to your config file with online radio.

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