Strange summary on Android Samsung note 10

Strange summary this morning. Haven’t seen this happen before. I didn’t see this reported before, searched a few terms.

Hi @Cocokola, if you close the graph and open it again, is the graph rendered properly?

Many thanks, it seems the timeline got duplicated, I did not yet see this, any hints on how to reproduce would help. If you can reproduce a problem you can consider it fixed :)…

It seems to be a one-off. It’s the first time since ~2013 I’ve seen this.

I’ll try to see if i can recreate it. Only thing i can think of was that night i paused often due to insomnia, but that isn’t anything new either. Love the app, I’ve enjoyed watching it “grow up”,


It was the wake up summary where you can edit things. I haven’t run across a way to get back to that. I’ll double check though.

Big thanks for your support! very much appreciated, I would expect this to be related to pinning/unpinning of cards … I will try to reproduce…

I may have pressed hide by mistake and unhid, but I believe this screen happened on a day were I hit pause many times.

Ready for a plot twist? :twisted_rightwards_arrows::pretzel:

The hours below heart rates is doubled. This happened without any hide/unhide…

I started the trace manually, hit pause 4 times.

Stranger still is it shows the entire sleep time, but you can see it incorrectly captured the stages of sleep. This was the first good sleep i had in weeks, I’m trying to adjust my inspire sleep implant, oh well.

I think you have a report problem that uploads data if my memory is still intact… I’ll try to upload data.

Also, First time i used widget to start my sleep tracking because i suspect it wasn’t catching my start time did to 12 years of not getting to sleep until much later

The paused tracking does not collect data - on your screenshot, only the very beginning of the tracking was paused. The rest of the graph is covered with some awake. From how it looks like, it might be “awake when using phone”. Could you please use the Left ≡ menu → (?) Support → Report a bug and send me your logs? I will check, which type of awake sensitivity needs to be lowered.

You can revert the awakes estimated by the app - tap the (⁝) menu in the top right corner → Delete awake. Since the tracking was running and has data, the app will recalculate the results.