Strange/inhuman noises recorded by the app

I am using this app since one week and after normal recording for few days, just two days ago the app has recorded (as mine) noises which where very very strange and inhuman. The recording happened around 3.27 and lasted for about 4 min. The phone was put on the flight mode during my sleep. Next night the recording were as usual. It is difficult for me to believe that it really were sounds in my bedroom so I suspect some error in the app.
I included the link ( to the recording so you would understand yourself what I am talking about. I would appreciate your feedback and how to avoid this in the future as it is very creepy.

Thank you

Hello Ella, I have listened to the noises and to me it sounds like the whale diving lullaby mixed into the recording, are you using lullabies? If you use menu - report a bug and send us a bug report we can see what happened around the 3.27… Many thanks for your feedback…

You. must have ghosts in your house LOL

Try retesting after Halloween season when the spirits go into hibernation. (Actually many humans are scared out of their houses and move south for the winter. Ghosts go on the vacation then )

There’s c c another app I th UK n I’m to rectify this Lol

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