From Jon Latane on 2014/12/16 18:09:43 +0000

The main limiting factor for this app is that it must be used in conjunction with the stock/OEM alarm clock app because the stock app has support for alarms/timers. Timely and other alarm alternatives offer this functionality.

Sleep as Android should have an add-on (or built in toggleable feature) to add tabs for these functions. The timer feature should support a pass through from Google Now (just as the current alarm feature does).

This way, the app could be much easier to remember to use as you just go to your clock app to check your alarm before bed, rather than hunting for this specific clock app that only achieves one function.

Copied from original feature request:

Missing (key) features that is available in every other clock app. I know its nothing advanced but its anoying to use separate app for those basic functions.

Thanks for writing up the feature request. Our stance has long been that Sleep as Android is not a clock app but a sleep tracking app, so stopwatch and countdown are out of our scope because they don’t concern sleep.
We are of course interested in hearing how many people would want such feature.

Merged with an existing topic Stopwatch/Timer.

From Chloe on 2014/10/21 14:26:38 +0000

The stock alarm app for my phone includes a basic timer and stopwatch, but ever since I downloaded Sleep As Android, it’s the only alarm I use anymore. What are the odds of a timer being added, like for cooking and stuff?

Copied from original feature request:

From Olaf Marzocchi on 2014/11/23 09:34:19 +0000

What's the problem with using each app for the purpose it was built for? The stock app is less than 10 MB.

You should add some simple clock features like stopwatch, timer etc!
You can put timer and stopwatch feature just after the alarm option. It will make the app more user friendly and useful for many people. And your team is good at making app better. Setting is good, not too complicated. UI is good too. After adding timer and stopwatch feature this app will be completed. This way we don’t have to use other clock app, it will become all in one. Its primary feature is sleep tracking and alarm which is good. You know many people need timer stopwatch, and it’s hard manage two app because system clock also provide an alarm option. Other app provide all clock essential features.

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