Stopped getting deep sleep and cycles information

I recently started using Sleep as Android on my TicWatch E2 and had been getting deep sleep and cycles information, but that had stopped working. I originally thought that it was a function of the trial period for SaA. But after paying for the full version, the deep sleep and cycles did not come back.

I have the app loaded on my Galaxy S8 phone and will kick off the sleep tracking from it or from my watch with the same results.

Any pointers in how to get that information back?

From the Sleep Cloud back up, you can see what is happening:

If anyone has experienced this, I solved this issue by turning off the battery optimization settings on the Sleep app on my phone per suggestion from Urbandroid support. There must have been some update to my phone that changed the settings, but the update history on my phone showed the most recent update several weeks before this started.

Hope this helps someone experiencing the same issue.

Hello @David_Gardner… there was the recent Google WebView crashing issue which was crashing all apps using this standard system component… including Sleep as Android… it seems that some OEMs will put a crashing app into a list of Sleeping apps - Samsung… or it will restrict this background processing (can be reverted in Settings > Apps > Sleep as Android > Battery)…