Stop media once "asleep"


I use SAA for quite a long time, I love the app and I love it’s getting better with each update. However a simple feature to stop media playback, like: podcasts, songs or YouTube videos when the app knows/thinks you’re asleep would make this even better!

I’ve had many instances of waking up to my phone blaring podcasts in my ear cause I forgot to put a sleep timer on in Spotify. Or worse, almost falling asleep during a YouTube video but having the awareness creep up to close the app and waking up fully in the process.

I’m aware there are apps doing this but having it complete in the SAA package as an option would be great.

Thanks for reading!

Any help?

Hello @defi big sorry for not replying earlier… it took us more than a year to reply :(… sorry about that, we have missed your first query apparently.

Anyway the resolution is the Settings > Sleep tracking > Lullaby > Turn off when sleeping feature… this will affect all media apps as it directly touches the system media volume stream. You just set the minimum time you like to listen and volume will gradually fade after that when ever there is no motion signal from the sensors…

Did that help?