Statistics Page Redesign

Everything is Perfect except for the Statistics page! It’s so confusing! Even after I understood how it works, I still think the layout needs some tweaking.

  1. Don’t go full on edge-to-edge. Frame them up with light borders, or at least have a little space away from the edges of the screen. Usually graphs going to the edge will naturally seem like there’s more to scroll over, but there isn’t and this leads to my 2nd point below. Also, the Noise graph is way too low and it seems like there are other graphs below that I need to scroll up to see. As I suggested, leave some space (negative space) in your layout, especially on the sides and the bottom.

  2. Remove auto-edit/auto-selection. By dragging on the graph, it automatically selects and zooms into a timeframe which is confusing. Only allow selection once the pencil button is tapped, as it’s not obvious that I’ll be selecting anything by touching the graph, so having it zooming in is surprising and there’s no obvious way to zoom back out.

  3. Rather than combining multiple icons in limited graphs and just relying on a Legend (which is not that obvious too), if you implement what I suggested above in 1 & 2, you can have more graphs below and you can better present the data more neatly too.

I really hope you will give this some consideration, at least remove the auto-select feature. I love this app but I just don’t look at the Statistics page because there’s still optimization to be done on the layout. Thanks.