State of Fossil Carlyl and Explorist HR integration

Hello everyone! To the Sleep as Android team: Great job with the app. I use it daily :slight_smile: Especially enjoy the Hue and Tasker integration.

I am currently in the market for a new Smart Watch and integration with Sleep is one of the key criteria for me. I looked around the internet and I could not find any conclusive evidence whether the Fossil Carlyl or Explorist currently work with the Sleep App for WearOS or if they don’t. I found some people saying it just works, but the watches are not listed as compatible devices. It’s plausible that they do just work, the mayor difference to the Sport (which is listed as compatible) is the cpu in the Explorist is a Snapdragon Wear 2100 instead of the 3100 model. Maybe it’s just a case of “we haven’t tested or engineered it to work, but it does”.

Can someone give me an authoritative answer on this?

Thank you for any answers or suggestions.

Yep as you say - we haven’t tested it but the basic assumption is that WearOS watches are very similar to each other and apps would run the same on one or another.

There are just too many WearOS devices so our list is definitely not up to date regarding these. Since we have started work on WearOS integration many years ago, Sleep has been used a lot in watches with Snapdragon 2100 with no problem.

The main issue with WearOS devices regardless of CPU is the battery life - they generally have bad battery drain and when you do sleep tracking with them, you have to plan your charging schedule a little more.

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Thank you for your answer! I agree it would be quite a task to do an exhaustive list and keep it up to date! Price we pay for not living inside Apples straight jacket ecosystem :wink:

I used to use my LG Urban Watch 2, so I am quite used to a good charging schedule. However, I also discovered in my research that most Apps I care about have abandoned WearOS (e.g. Runkeeper and Pocketcasts) and other that might be useful like Tasker or Home Assistant never had one. So I could as well go with the new Huawei or Samsung watches and get the better battery endurance.

Thank you for providing these data points for my investigation. This topic can be closed.