State of app and watch for auto sleep tracking

I could not find instructions on what to do with a phone and a watch to enable auto sleep tracking. .

Can my phone be across the room since I am wearing a watch?

How should my Pixel phone and my wear OS Fossil Gen 5 be configured when evening approaches for Sleep as Android to automatically start and stop recording my sleep?

=== Phone ===
Do I need to have SleepAs running in the foreground? Does it need to be in the list of recent apps? Can it be closed completely as if the phone were rebooted?

Is a wake alarm needed? I don’t use one, the dog gets me up.

=== Watch ===
Do I do nothing? Tapping the watch app seems to start logging a sleep session. Is it always running and will it tell the phone app when I have gone to sleep if the phone is on my nightstand?

Does the app decide when I’m sleeping and gather data from the watch passively?

I bought and have used SleepAs for several nights and on one the movement graph is missing. I just did my normal and did not start anything manually. It did plot heart rate, so the watch collected that data.



Hello Carey,

please check here for details how this works:

But in general, the watch needs to be connected to your phone for auto-tracking to work, if you have one of the good citizen Android phones than no special setup is required, but if you have one of the phone on this list than you need to follow the guide on that site and exclude the involved apps from non-standard battery optimizations…

If you are missing one graph, please just send me the log (menu - report a bug) and we will see right away what made automatic sleep tracking not start