Spotify stops playing ads when forced into the background by the alarm

When using a Spotify album or playlist with a free Spotify account the fact that SaA keeps opening itself causes Spotify to stop playing the ad which means the music doesn’t play either.

My suggested solution would be for the alarm to enter a popup window if the app goes into the background while it’s ringing. This would allow another app, such as Spotify, to be the open app, while still allowing access to the alarm interface. It also might be useful if the alarm going off coincides with needing access to email or a text message that needs immediate attention before the captcha is completed.

This is why I love spotify and I recommend everyone to transfer their playlists to spotfiy by using Musconvtool within no time.

Thank you! That could be a way, but I don’t think that it’s a long-lasting method to get rid of the ads from the songs from Spotify. If you are with a free account on Spotify, you will be suggested to use the Spotify music converter tool to download the music you love. It can save music as many other formats, like MP3, WAV, FLAC, etc. And you are free from the ads while playing Spotify offline.