SpO2 watch, oCare 100 pro

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This is a wrist worn SpO2 device, it should be broadcasting the SpO2 signal under the Pulse Oximeter profile in BLE, would be great to use it with Sleep as Android!

Thank you!

I actually got one, I can connect to it with the nrf connect app on Android. Under the pulse oximeter, uuid: 0x1822 primary service I get this:

PLX spot-check measurement
Uuid: 0x2a5e
Properties: notify
Value (0x) 01 00 62 00 50 00 E3 07 03 17 01 26

While my reading on the watch being 98%, hr 80, with the date set as 2019 03 13 0126am, so I guess the 3rd set of hex represents the SaO2, 5th the hr, 9th the month, 10th the day. 11th the hour, 12th the minute.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help with getting it compatible!