Split Noise Recording into Smaller Files

I use the noise recording to find out why I get waken up at night. So I have to set the threshold low, so all noise that may wake me up will be recorded.

The problem with this though, I may get very large sound files, which can last hours at a time. I think it would be useful if Sleep as Android will create a new file if it the current recording is more than 10 minutes long.


thanks for your request. Why would it be preferable to have a bunch of small files instead of one large file?

What exactly is important for you in your use case? I can imagine that you don’t really need snoring detection (as if it were snoring waking you up, it would be recorded even with a higher threshold), i.e. you don’t need tagging the different parts of the recording.

Is it that you just want to end up with one short recording of the sound that woke you up? In that case you would have a lot of work on your hands deleting the myriads of little files.

Maybe what might be useful would be a tool to trim the large recording in-app, such as we do with graphs. @petr-urbandroid might have other ideas?

With smaller files, i could get to the portion of the recording I am interested at more precisely and easier. If the recording is too long, say from 10pm to 2pm, four hours long, it is hard to drag the slider to exactly 11:34