Speaker damage? Crackling noise using Sonar on S21 Ultra

I’ve been using sonar daily for two years now, but I have recently started to worry about a weird sound it’s making.

It is NOT the sonar chirping that is audible sometimes (I know it is an issue, but it only happened to me once).

It is an occasional crackling sound, occurring randomly. Similar to the sound you would hear if you had a speaker with a faulty AUX cable, and moved the cable around. Or if you suddenly switch the source or a speaker on or off.

I’ve actually heard this sound since always, everytime I stopped tracking, I’ve attributed it to the speaker being switched off. However, now I’m hearing this intermittently, randomly, all night long.

I’m concerned if this can damage my speakers, or if they are damaged and this is a symptom.

Hello Yuki,
the sonar does not force the speakers outside their limits - the frequency is between 18-22kHZ (depending on your choice for the sonar frequency), and the volume level is low (45dB).

Usually, these audible artifacts are a result of something interfering (like sound-enhancing features applied by the system).

Do you have these audible artifacts on all frequencies?

Thank you for clarifying! I have tested the sensor for some minutes now and I heard no artifacts, which now makes me think this is a software issue caused by my phone when the screen is off, maybe power management or the features you mentioned?

I will test it for longer this night before actually activating tracking and will update this later.

The battery management would probably cause the gap in the data, not the sounds.
The sonar is the same from the beginning, till the end. So there should not be any new behavior out of the blue. Maybe other apps are taking the focus of the media sound stream?
This has been reported a few times already, but we were no able to reproduce is, so we still have no clear idea, what is causing it.

Let me know, if some frequencies are better on this phone - I keep score, and when I have enough data, I can create a guide for the users.

Thank you Lenka. I’m glad the speakers are safe, that was my main concern.

I have not changed anything (F18-22) and it seems the artifact is gone, but I’ll keep this thread in mind if it happens again. It may be another app as you mentioned.

I’ll give you any information if I have any other findings, you can count on it, I simply love this app. :slight_smile: