Sound recognition - Sleep as Android

Listens to sounds you make during sleep tracking and categorizes them.

When any of the sounds below is recognized during sleep tracking, a corresponding tag is added to the recording, and the event is created in the sleep record.

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It seems I can’t send the recording of fixed tags. The pop up that comes out when I click “share” shows all the apps on my phone, not the email app.
Which email should I send it to?

Hello, what email clients are present on your phone?
You can send the files either to our support email (, or to the “sound recognition” email (

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Alright, I’ll save those addresses.
Just the sound fine is enough or some other info is required?

Ideally, note the change you made (for example removed: talk, added: snore). This will help us use the sound file for improving the recognition.
Thank you!

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