Sound recognition - Sleep as Android

Listens to sounds you make during sleep tracking and categorizes them.

When any of the sounds below is recognized during sleep tracking, a corresponding tag is added to the recording, and the event is created in the sleep record.

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It seems I can’t send the recording of fixed tags. The pop up that comes out when I click “share” shows all the apps on my phone, not the email app.
Which email should I send it to?

Hello, what email clients are present on your phone?
You can send the files either to our support email (, or to the “sound recognition” email (

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Alright, I’ll save those addresses.
Just the sound fine is enough or some other info is required?

Ideally, note the change you made (for example removed: talk, added: snore). This will help us use the sound file for improving the recognition.
Thank you!

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Hey Team. Any chance we could get a dog barking model? We are fur parents and I usually find I have to listen to see if our fur babies woke me.

A paw print :paw_prints: would allow me to skip this all together.

When I try to share the sound file, I get a return email saying the message is too big. How do I fix this?

Snoring is recorded multiple times but not auto-tagging, even after adjustjng detection from default medium to max sensitivity. And after fixing snore tags manually, does not count towards snore time in charts.

Have other sleep apps running on another phone besides this one that recognizes and properly classifies snoring. I average 4 to 30 mins and Sleep Android thinks I don’t snore lol.

I am not able to transfer snore data from Samsung Health, or SleepCycle (iOS) to Android Sleep.

Tried emailing the snore samples manually, but they bounced back.

I’m at a loss here. Pretty important part of the whole picture in my books, any ideas to get it working.

Hello Modi, would you mind sharing the graph? On Android, there can only be one app accessing the mic at a time. So if there are more apps analyzing sounds, it is possible that the app is not allowed to use the mic all the time.