Sound playback level adjusting itself

I think my SAA release is 20191227

There are two issues:

Version of Sleep as Android:

Not sure what happened, so continuing here:
The sound level keeps adjusting itself to 3/4 versus the full I set. I have to reset it every time I listen to recordings. Previously the level would stay to what I set it.
Second issue:
The buttons for snore, talk & etc are in a new location. That location is now higher than it used to be and covers sound indications and a pain.
My device is a Samsung Galaxy S6 G920VVRU4DRE1 Model SMG920V, Android version 7, Security patch level March 1, 2018, Kernel version 3.10.61

Talk indications set by SAA are mostly inaccurate. They occur on snores not talking. When talk happens they are not sensed. Over the last several months talk has only been indicated correctly once. I understand it is difficult to distinguish so this is not a complaint versus feedback.

Similar issues usually happen when you use sonar, could you please confirm that?

Could you please be more clear? What does this mean?

Attached is a screen shot of the buttons overlapping a noise graph.

Again, everytime I get out of listening to noise then return to noise the sound level goes

to 3/4 versus what was previously set.

I realised that sometimes after waking up the sonar stays on and keeps adjusting the phone volume. Closing the app and open up again normally fixed this for me.