Sound alarm if power is lost during sleep tracking


I have been using Sleep as Android for a few years now and as a shift worker it really helps keep me less tired!

On a few occasions I have had a power outage / one of my kids has stolen my charger while sleeping / I have rolled over and accidentally unplugged my phone. The battery has gone flat, my alarm has not gone off, I have overslept and been late to work!

I have set a Tasker recipe to sound an alarm during sleep tracking if my phone loses power, that way I can wake up and arrange an alternative alarm so I am not late for work! I got thinking. I am surely not alone in this - if it has happened to me it must have happened to others and perhaps my Tasker recipe could be natively supported within the app for those less tech savvy and unable to work with Tasker.

What does everyone think to this idea?

Hello Kristan, there is already an option Settings > Sleep tracking > Stand by when battery is under X%… by default this is 10%, but you may want to increase it to 20%… on most devices this should be enough to keep the battery for the alarm. This option will simply stop sleep tracking and leave the phone to enter stand by mode so the consumption should be minimal…

Thanks, I currently have it set to 10% but that has still let me down. I have increased it to 20% as a fallback but I honestly think my Tasker profile will be more reliable.