Sonar vs. Wearable graph

I used the wearable tracking last night and got some unexpected results. Either I had no REM sleep or the app did not pick up on it. From what I understand the wearables are supposed to be more accurate than the sonar. Here is a comparison between the night before last using sonar and last night using my Gear Fit 2 Pro which is officially unsupported but I was able to re-sign the companion app and get it installed. Maybe the fact that the wearable is unsupported has something to do with it? Is the app calibrated to the Gear S2/S3 sensors and not the Gear Fit 2 Pro?



Another thing I noticed is when the gear connects it sets the interval to every 10 seconds. Is this the same for all wearables? Is there a way to change this interval?

Just to add, I did feel like a tossed and turned quite a bit last night so the graph could be completely accurate and I just had a bad night. I will update this post with more data over the next few nights.

There has always been a decent variation on what S Health shows and the Sleep App shows. S Health usually looks like this but it just doesn’t report time awake.

I’m inclined to think that both of these graphs are correct. There is definitely not enoough heart rate data points in the sonar graph (S Health often does not report all HR data) so some awakes have slipped undetected.

On the other hand the Gear graph shows some controversial awakes - high activity but HR not aroused. In that case we have to take a best guess.