Sonar very rarely records breathing

I’ve got a note 9 and I’ve also tried it on a s8 plus…

I’ve been using the app for probably a little over a month and in that time I’ve had 1 night where it worked all the through. Most nights it doesn’t register any breathing at all. Then probably every 4 or 5 days I’ll have a couple random blue dots on my graph, but no lines connecting the 2 or 3 random dots.

I’ve tried to place my phone un at least 50 different positions and distances, but still no luck. The night I did get it to work, I’ve probably tried 15 other times with ths phone in the exact same spot, but no luck usually. What am I doing wrong? I’ve even have placed ot where I laid in the edge of the bed and phone while on night stand couldn’t be more then a inch away.

This has become extremely frustrating because I’m getting some major heart rate spike where he will go from 55 to 140 and then back down to 60 all within a minute, or 2. So, I’m starting to wonder if that’s when I might be having a breathing issue?

Anyways, any help would be greatly appreciated!

Oh yeah, one other thing, not only have I tried to place my phone in every conceivable location on ight stand…I’ve also tried different heights. So, I might have it set up off my nightstand 3 or 4 inches. But then the next night try something different.

Well, it’s good to know that a question is answered quickly here! Honestly, I figured I’d at least get one of those pre typed out responses at least.

Kind of disappointed! Especially after having to wait 2 weeks to get a half complete answer that didn’t help. I posted here hoping to get some information quicker than email, but looks like that’s. Ot going to happen!

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