Sonar stopped Working on Android 10 (LineageOS 17)

Hi there.

i switched with my HTC U Ultra from LineageOS 16 to 17 and it seems that the sonar is not working anymore. I get the error message “Sonar not supported”

Any Idea how to fix this?

thxs in advance

Hello Guido,

thank you very much for your message. Please see below for the common Sonar issue’s an their resolutions.

To make sonar working we need to have the media stream at full volume available for the Sonar during sleep tracking. Can you please make sure that the media stream is not muted for some reason for example by a DND all more.

You can try to start sleep tracking and use menu - lullaby and see if they play at full volume. Also you would break sonar by using headphones or redirecting to BT speakers or similar. Can you please check that?

Microphone on Android is exclusive so any other app using the mic during sleep tracking can break sonar as well. This is usually the case for Google app option “Ok Google” on every screen…

What happens when you do the following test:
For example sit on a chair, put the phone on the table in front of you pointing toward you with the mic. Keep completely calm and wait until the graph nearly flat lines… then move slightly and see if this produces a peak, if it does move more and see if the peak gets bigger. Do you see Sonar is reacting properly to your movements? Can you try to increase signal strength or use try other sonar modes instead of F18-20, please test F20, F19 or F18.

What about trying to lower the distance between the phone and your body. There is a square gain in every unit of distance you can put the phone closer. Also you may try to experiment with positions of the phones, pointing with the mic toward the body etc…

Also please note that wireless charges or some charging adapters can cause sound artifacts in sonar which prevent it from working properly.

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