Sonar readings are nonsensical

I’ve been using sleep as android in the past three or so weeks, and had to use the sonar feature because I charge the phone with a wireless base (I also prefer not having the device on my bed where I can knock it down in my sleep). The sonar theoretically works (I checked the sensor test feature and behave consistently), but the readings I’m getting are so absurd that I don’t even know where to begin. All in all, I think I got just two readings that look normal (but of course I can’t say for sure they are “right”) out of 25 impressionist artworks made of graphs. All of the others have overly vast deep sleep areas (sometims spanning half a night), almost no rem activity whatsoever, deep sleep weirdly beginning as soon as the record begins (while it takes at least few minutes for me to actually fall asleep), absurd sleep patterns with continuous hours and hours of the same phase, no sign of any kind of cycle.

Link to a summary of my readings

I have a (fairly old but perfectly working) Nexus 5 with android 6.0.1. I keep the phone right beside the bed on my nightstand, same height as the bed and with no obstructions between me and it. Despite the highly inconsistent readings, the phone is always in the same position. I sleep with my SO but she’s out of reach from the sonar (as per documentation the range is 1 meter) and even if she wasn’t that doesn’t account for how weird the readings are. I’m procrastinating the purchase of full version because unless I find out what’s wrong with the readings there’s no reason for me to buy it, it’s completely useless.

Anyone had similar issues or has tips? I really want this to work for me

I’m tagging this as Q&A since I couldn’t even tell what is the bug here, if there is one. Hope that doesn’t break any rules.


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Hi, I am having Similar issues. Perhaphs the Sonar Sound ist too low? I had to turn it down because it was interfering with my sleep …

Hi, thanks for the answer. The sonar is regulated by the multimedia volume level, right? I have mine cranked up with tasker specifically for the sonar, so it should be on max. I’ll check it manually next time but I don’t think that’s it.

I tried sonar last night and had the same problem. I tested the sonar signal beforehand and it looked good, able to detect movement and breathing. But when I woke up, is said my deep sleep percentage was over 90%! Riiiiight. I Wish sonar worked, because I don’t like having the phone on the bed.