Sonar - microphone and speaker on opposite ends

I have the pixel 8 Pro and the microphone is on the top of the phone while these speakers are on the bottom. Is this a problem for sonar?

Hi @MoonMaster33, no, the sonar does not need the mic and speakers in specific positions, the app can calibrate the signal. Do you also have strange graphs or weaker signal? We have quite a few reports from the Pixel 8 line.

@lenka-urbandroid I used it for the first time last night, along with my Pixel Watch 2, so I’m not entirely sure about its standalone performance. I had issues with my wearable tracking for a few nights (not a Sleep as Android issue, but a pairing issue with my phone), so I decided to try sonar since I don’t like having my phone on my mattress. Fortunately, I managed to pair my watch properly before bed last night, but I left sonar on anyway.

Attached is my last night’s results if that will help.

May I see the logs? The app can only use one source of movement data. So I can check in the logs what was the source of the movement data. Was there a sonar tag or a watch tag?

The sonar can be combined with HR from the wearable, but the setup would be different.
What setup do you wish to use? Wearable is slightly better for actigraphy (because it is attached to your body), but sonar can detect breath rate (if the signal is strong enough).

I’m not sure how to provide the log. I also sleep with a box fan on, so I’m not sure if that would interfere with the sonar tracking. However, the watch should be fine unless you recommend the sonar over it.

In the Left ≡ menu → (?) Support → Report a bug, it will generate the logs, and will attach them to the email you can send me.

A fan may interfere only if the signal is weak and the fan is between you and the phone.

Just sent the log over. Sorry for the delay.