Sonar chirp audible in lullaby - Sleep as Android

We have reports that this can happen on some devices, this depends on how the device mixes audio channels.

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Hi. I’m a long time (10 yrs) apparently very dumb user of your awesome app.

The sound I was hearing was the constant PING sound as the power flow was interrupted continuously to the phone charger due to a not-totally-plugged-in-all-the-way charger. My bad. Lesson learned: always check the charger.

So then never mind my “issue” wasn’t an issue at all and don’t bother reading the middle. Just the beginning and the end :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

And now time to go to bed. :new_moon_with_face::new_moon_with_face::new_moon_with_face:

Hi. I am a long time (10 yrs) user of this app. Its terrific.

I updated my os (pixel 4xl) when the most recent update was issued (Oct 15). This sonar chirp was never something I heard prior to this os update.

I do appreciate your suggestion of looking at the sensor settings, however there are no options for turning on/off sounds. And when using the accelerometer, there are not even frequencies to navigate. So I was glad to see this post existed but it does not contain an adequate solution to the problem…

I would greatly appreciate if your team could look into this? (I am someone who has purchased add-ons if that helps lol)

Sincere thanks for a stellar product with this only one new (yet seriously annoying) issue that is keeping me from sleep as android.

You guys are terrific! Thanks again!