[SOLVED] Sleep as Android falsely detected as trojan by Kasersky Mobile antivirus

Hello, in the last days we got many one star reviews from people reporting that Kaspersky marked Sleep as Android (WRONGLY) as a trojan. We did investigate the issue and found out that the issue is with some code branches and is mostly random - one build parameter leads to this miss-detection where other does not…

We contacted Kastersky Lab about this and they promptly resolved the issue. No action is needed, you just need to start the Kaspersky Antivirus with connectivity to get the latest virus definitions. Here is a response from Kaspersky lab support:

Dear customer,
Sorry, it was a false detection. Detection is now fixed.
Thank you for your help.
To reply to this request, you can simply reply to this e-mail leaving the subject line unchanged.
Best regards,
Kaspersky Lab Technical Support