[SOLVED] Can't Stop Watch Vibrations

Very simple: I have disabled all vibrations, but my Pebble Time watch vibrates anyway, at the start of the alarm process, with Sleep As Android. It is not how I want to get up. I prefer only music and my new lights. The vibration wakes me up before any of this.

Also, BTW, the alarm on the phone keeps repeating the weather over and over after the alarm termination. About 7 times.

I will send a bug report.

I solved it. It was not a problem of general alarm settings, where I had looked, among other possible solutions.

I had to go to the particular settings of the particular alarm. That’s where I found the vibrations.

I am now happily free of wrist wakeups.

As for the repeating weather thing, it seems it was a transitory and unrelated bug that was fixed. Thanks.