[Solved] Can't Integrate Phillips Hue

I recently got the White Ambiance starter set with bridge.

I set it up with the official Hue app first because I have a couple lights in another room. Hue app has more options and I would like to use both apps for the morning. First the sunrise lighting, then my music alarm starts as directed in the documentation, and then a Hue routine kicks in: fade in to full “energize” bright sun happens a minute or so after the sunrise. So far, it won’t connect to Sleep As Android (beta version). I kept trying, but it always says “disconnected.” It finally worked in the wee hours May 13, 2019. Yay! Light strips coming!!! :bulb::hammer_and_wrench::high_brightness::alarm_clock:

The Hue app works fine, but it doesn’t do the same type of reddish to yellow gradual sunrise when I want it to with the alarm in case I change the alarm time, my sunrise goes with the change.
In addition, I want to switch to full spectrum light strips soon, before and after the alarm(s) wake me up. I will use a light strip or two behind the dark blinds.

I rather like it. But I want to try it with SaA, from the SaA app. But it woudn’t do it. It gets halfway through the process, where it shows you pushing the hub button and there’s a progress bar. But it never completes. The smartlight section always showed “disconnected.”

Dunno what was wrong, but it’s finally connected. Finally worked! Good morning!


I did it! It worked! At almost 5 AM! (Because my old thermostat¹ is going south, not this.)

Thank you for your confidence and patience that I would get it to work on my own. Now for my early morning “nap.” :slightly_frowning_face::sleeping_bed::sleeping:


¹Hint: Nest is now Google. So, I may choose a more open brand of smart thermostat because in August, Google will be closing the former Nest to just Google special home devices.