Snoring, Galaxy Watch 5, my android phone, SaA, Samsung Health... How do they interact to get snoring data?

Firstly, I’m new to my watch and I’m new to Sleep as Android… HELLO EVERYONE! :slight_smile:

I sleep in two different locations… my apartment and at my girlfriend’s. When I’m at my GF’s I don’t have my phone in the room with us but I have been wearing my Galaxy Watch 5 Pro to bed.

  • I BELIEVED that the watch (with the Sleep as Android Wear OS add-on app installed) recorded everything and sync’d the data to the phone INCLUDING the noise data. Is this correct?
  • Does the Samsung Health have to be running on the watch as well in order for everything to work together? OR can I STOP Samsung Health on my watch?
  • Can you confirm that the Watch records snoring? I have everything set (as far as I can see) so that the Watch records but MAYBE I’M MISSING SOMETHING?? I’d hate to think that only the phone can record the sounds of snoring… that would be sad!
  • This morning, the SaA health data sync’d but only showed noise just before I went to the bedroom to sleep and the noise after I left the bedroom to check my phone, first thing.
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Hi :slight_smile:
the snoring analysis (sound analysis, sound recording) takes place on the phone. The connected wearable is only used for movement data (and sensor data like SpO2, HRv, HR). The wearable cannot do sound analysis, it is really a source-heavy process, and the wearables still do not have enough processing power. The recording of sounds also uses a lot of battery, which could heat the watch.
So for now, the sound analysis only runs on the phone.

The S Health can run, this depends on you. We do not need it for our sleep tracking. Just make sure that only one app performs sound analysis - because only one app can use the mic on Android.


Oh… that’s very helpful to know, thanks!

I guess we can’t have everything. So sad! 'Cause I want EVERYTHING! LOL

If you can keep the phone in the same room, you can have the sound analysis + the sleep tracking from the wearable. The phone does not need to be directly on the bed, just so the mic can still detect potential snoring.

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