Snooze limit IFTTT event

Hi. I just connected IFTTT to my Sleep as Android app and was reading how it works.

I usually set SAA to start the alarm with a 40 minute smart period and to not let me snooze past the time of the alarm. I have another alarm that lets me snooze up to four times but it doesn’t specify a limit (for days I know I wanna be lazy).

Both these alarms reach a moment in which I cannot snooze them anymore. Usually I keep my NFC card in my bag in another room so I walk there and disable the alarm and it also disables the sleep tracking.

I would love to have an IFTTT event for when this “no more snooze” situation happens (which is maybe a minute before the “sleep tracking stopped” moment) so it starts opening the blinds and stuff before I actually get up.

Thanks guys for this amazing app :wink: