Snooze and Dismiss: change to icons

Consider changing the “Dismiss” and “Snooze” buttons to icons. I often hit the wrong one because I mistakenly associate snoozing with “bad” (red); or with green meaning “I’m ready to get up” (no snooze needed!), in my sleepy stupor.

For example, snooze could be a giant alarm clock icon, so it’s clear I’m setting an additional alarm by hitting it. Dismiss could be… (not a stop sign, but I don’t have other ideas).

Just keep them visually distinct, for those of us who can’t see well without glasses.

Hello @cwotta, you can enable the “Long-press” feature for dismissing the alarms, so you won’t dismiss the alarm by accident instead of snoozing it.
Settings → Alarms → Long-press (Dismiss)

Oo, thanks! I’ve enabled it now, and will update on how it goes. Thanks again!