Smarter to bed/alarm setting

From Anonymous on 2015/12/05 14:41:40 +0000

Option to reverse the logic of “to bed” settings. Rather than (or in addition to) telling me when to go to bed. When I actually do start tracking, ask me if I still want to get up at the current alarm setting or after 's hours of sleep. The number of hours should Default to my desired sleep duration but be editable on the fly In case that number doesn’t work. USE CASE - my default alarm setting is 7am with 8 hour duration so the time for bed reminder pops up at 11. I am on a roll and don’t want to stop working just yet. At 1am I finally go to bed. When I turn on tracking it notices I am 2 hours over due and presents the option to keep my default alarm or set a 1 time change defalting to current time plus preferred duration but changable In CASE I need to be somewhere in the middle.

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