Smarter alarm adjusts wake time accounting for actual sleep start and wake time each night

From ML on 2016/03/09 12:17:38 +0000

Smarter alarm accounting for actual sleep start time (removing initial pauses since every day it takes different amount of time to sleep) and also accounting for each night actual awake time (even if just using the manually entered “pauses” which help detect if i spent 1hr awake middle of the night, or 2.5hr, or 12min, etc). The current features are close but do NOT allow this and frequently the alarm wakes me up when my net sleep time (the actual amount each night) is NOT what i have set. This is what Headsetrules and many othets asked for too but i couldnt find the exact request afterwards… To me this is critical to actually use the smart alarm feature, i do NOT want it to wake me up before i reached 7.40hrs of net (actual) sleep… and as soon as i take 30 or 60min to sleep and/or wake up middle of night for a period of time, then it would wake me up way before my ideal sleep amount. Thx for all the great work Petr… great app!

Copied from original feature request: