Smart Power-Nap

From teste5050 on 2016/11/04 12:56:19 +0000

The creation of a feature inspired in this idea from :

power napping module

Shift workers, elite athletes, executives and students use power-naps to increase energy, concentration and performance.

The perfect power-nap should last for 10 minutes. Sleeping too little or too much will leave you feeling groggy after your nap. Exactly 10 minutes ensures you wake up refreshed and reinvigorated.

Alarms can only countdown time. They are unable to know when you have entered stage 1 sleep to begin counting down from 10 minutes. Thim knows when you’ve fallen asleep - to the minute. Providing you the perfect power-nap for the first time.

(I guess that from the options of 15 or 30 minutes for napping on Sleep as Android, its team did not know of the science behind the 10 minutes ‘magic number’.)

Copied from original feature request: