Smart curing of snoring


Why not to add to your app vibro and sound when registering and recognizing the snoring sound by device microphone? The sound will go louder step by step in case snoring continues. For individual use it will automatically adapt to the right loudness of the sound to get the result (of stopping snoring). If there are several people who snores right at the place, the app may recognize the sound of each snoring person, and set the right loudness of sound for the best effect (not too strong, not too low). Finally, the app may measure the stage of sleeping (by time) and depending on it, make the starting sound more or less loud. If the snore goes on, the app makes the sound louder and louder step-by-step to stop snoring.

It will slightly awaken the user, allowing him / her to stop snoring, and avoid the wrong consequences of apnea.

What do you think?