Smart Alarm - Snooze Limit: Until Alarm Time!

I’m having huge problems when it comes to snooze limits!

Currently, the only options for snooze limits is to limit the number of times you’re able to snooze (e.g. 3x) or to set a max snooze time limit (e.g. max 10min of snooze time).
My problem is that this universal snooze limit doesn’t take into account the variance of the Smart Alarm.

I use the Smart Alarm feature, which can begin to wake me up at up to 25min before my alarm time.
If I set my alarm for 9am, it means that I need to get up at – by the latest – 9am.
If my Smart Alarm activates at 8:40am, that means I can snooze for up to 20min — awesome!
But if my Smart Alarm activates at 8:55am, then I can only snooze for up to 5min. If I set my max snooze time to 20min, then I might end up sleeping until 9:15am — VERY BAD! now I’m late!!
Unfortunately, the current snooze settings don’t take this variance into account. If you set a max snooze limit, it applies no matter what time the Smart Alarm chooses to ring.

REQUEST: We should have the option to set our snooze limit to disallow snoozing once you’ve reached the alarm time.
e.g. If I set my alarm for 9am, then no matter what time my Smart Alarm starts to wake me, I should only be allowed to snooze until 9am!

Please input this feature. It’s very simple in concept, but so essential! Without it, I can’t trust that your app will wake me up on time.

Hello, the limit of snoozing during smart period (the alarm time being the last possible time of the alarm start) is available in Settings > Snooze > Snooze after alarm time or in the per-alarm settings - in case you need this behavior only for one specific alarm.