slow REM sleep phase

hello, I would like to wake up sometimes in the REM slow sleep phase in order to remember a dream and write it down. You can make an additional phase selection function when waking up, or even make a separate small application for such tests.

That’s an interesting idea. I’d like to see that too.

You can do what you want by using the Lucid dreaming facility. Lucid dreaming tries to give a ‘cue’ in (what SaA thinks is) a REM. You can set the cue with the ‘Ringtone’ in the Lucid dreaming menu. That ‘Ringtone’ can basically be anything, also ‘Your Music’, i.e. any MP3 on your device. Or you can let the device Vibrate or both (Ringtone and Vibrate).

So I suggest to read up on Lucid dreaming on the SaA website or/and see the Lucid dreaming settings.

Note that I said “in what SaA thinks is a REM phase”, which might not be an actual REM phase, because SaA can not detect a REM phase, but has to ‘guess’ a REM phase from the other sleep data. The SaA website also has a section which explains this.