SleepyHead data import for CPAP integration

From Marc VanHeyningen on 2016/11/27 22:08:52 +0000

Currently, many CPAP users track their machine’s events using public software called SleepyHead, which can import data from many different CPAP machines.

If this data could somehow be integrated with the data from SleepCloud, that could provide a unified view. Probably the most practical approach would be:

  1. Have SleepyHead export its data as a CSV (already exists today)
  2. Import this CSV into SleepCloud (does not exist today)

    Copied from original feature request:

From Marc VanHeyningen on 2016/12/17 20:08:20 +0000

Some mechanism for this would certainly be useful.

Not quite the same, but it is possible to use Zenobase to import data from both SleepCloud and SleepyHead and do some degree of unification but it's a first pass and rather coarse. Being able to use SleepCloud directly for this would certainly provide a superior experience.

The Phillips DreamStation has a companion app, DreamMapper, that pulls in nightly sleep data via Bluetooth. The same device’s SD card contains the data that SleepyHead can import for incredibly detailed graphs and information.

Maybe there is a way for Sleep as Android to connect to the DreamStation via Bluetooth and pull the data, then import at least some of the main data. For example, it would be nice to be able to correlate apnea events recorded by the DreamStation with movement, noise, and heart rate data recorded by Sleep as Android.