SleepMask - Charge phone and OTG simultaneously

From XavierNovella on 2016/06/03 16:07:47 +0000

I would like to ask if there is any plans to create an sleep mask that communicates with the phone in other way that is not OTG, or that is able to charge the phone simultaneously?
I think the vast majority of Android users unplugs the phone in the morning, uses it all the day, and then goes to bed, plugs the phone back and then goes to sleep (if you are lucky and your batt lasts you all day).
The current system for SleepMask is OK for Mindroid-like or activities “during the day” where the phone is the “active party” and it is supposed to be “draining its juice”. However, at night, USB port should be for battery purposes to prepare for the next day… the cell should “recover” as we do thnks to sleep as Android.

Is there anything planned to implement bluetooth or any USB but charging solution? As i understand, the user has to give access to USB port to Sleep as Android in order to use the Sleep mask. Why does not Sleep as Android change the way it acts? It could be taking energy from the cable as the mask does, and, whenever the app has to “send” information to the mask, revert the whole system (establish OTG connection), send the commands to the mask, and then get back to charging mode, as before. As there is no “constant” signal (that I understood from the vídeo), changing the direction of the system on “need” basis would be a nice solution to have the best of 2 worlds (chargin and sleep mask OTG). Don’t you think…?

The sleep mask is not a cheap product and this is one of the main stoppers in my case. Sorry in advance if this sounds rude, but I think some would not buy a product that is supposed to improve or help the experience with “just” Sleep as Android (“secondary party”) but at the same time is, somehow, an impairment for the “whole” experience with the cell phone ("the main party, so to speak).

I really want to hear what Urbandroid has to say or if there is any solution to the dilemma.

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