SleepCloud Storage API - Sleep as Android

ALARM_EARLIEST The earliest time, when alarm could have possibly ring. ALARM_LATEST The latest time, when alarm could have possibly ring. ALARM_SNOOZE User snoozed an alarm. ALARM_SNOOZE_AFTER_KILL Alarm was automatically snoozed due to alarm timeout ALARM_DISMISS User successfully dismissed alarm. TRACKING_PAUSED Start of a wake up time TRACKING_RESUMED End of the wake up time TRACKING_STOPPED_BY_USER User stopped tracking ALARM_STARTED Alarm started ringing SNORING Snoring detected LOW_BATTERY Battery is low, tracking won’t work correctly DEEP_START Deep sleep phase started DEEP_END Deep sleep phase finished LIGHT_START Light sleep phase started LIGHT_END Light sleep phase finished REM_START REM sleep phase started REM_END REM sleep phase finished BROKEN_START No data from sensors in this period (maybe battery is empty) BROKEN_END No data from sensors finished WALKING_START Start of a walking period (imported from Google Fit) WALKING_END End of a walking period (imported from Google Fit) AWAKE_START Awake period started (from awake detection algorithm) AWAKE_END Awake period ended (from awake detection algorithm) HR(true) Heart rate value LUCID_CUE REM sleep detected and playing a lucid dreaming cue SPO2(true) SpO2 value APNEA Apnea episode detected RR(true) Respiratory rate value

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