Sleepcloud RDI Apnea

Viatom SpO2 ring

I use the Viatom SpO2 ring which updates every second this kind of hypoventilation was not picked up by smart watch Reflectance pulse oximetry!

The Rdi Counter is not on sleep cloud and only on the app

Also there could be a lot better ways to show these things like red for 10+ apnea and yellow or something for less.

Could these please be added.

Also why is the wearables options the way it is?

Why can’t there be different sections for each input and user can pick what they want
like a
o2 options for normal and BTle

Automatic has no way of knowing what data to get where and left to the addon to decide what to send which not all addons have options.

See here sleepcloud doesn’t even pull all the o2readings which misses the important info.
84 at 10:05 not on sleepcloud
98 at 10:06 on sleepcloud