SleepCloud and manually extended sleep results

I am aware of the standard way of extending the sleep if I shut it down too early:

Let’s say I slept 4:21 hours, shut down the alarm, and slept another 2hrs. I can accept that this is how the app works, even though I don’t agree with this being a good solution and it causes confusion on the mobile UI (my last night’s sleep is a 2hr manually added sleep instead of a linked together 4+2hrs)

I think it causes further issues behind the scenes. For example I should have the same rating for the two parts of the sleep, instead of potentially two different ratings, since it’s the same sleep. Do these ratings count with double weight? I understand there’s no good way to handle Deep sleep% in this case, since the statistics are going to use the 4hr part’s (say 60%) while in manually added it’s N/A.

SleepCloud is not happy about these edits either. The following is a portion of a Sleep Length x Deep sleep % graph


The 4:21 time is this sleep’s first half (verified it is the only record with this exact time), while it should be 6:21 of course.

I suspect there may be other issues throwing off the statistics lurking here and there…

Using the latest app.

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