Sleepasdroid App settings always lost after phone reboot

Detailed description of the problem:
Using Poco F1 with current Lineage together with ticwatch 5 pro, whenever I reboot the phone all settings in the app are lost (sleep sensitivity, Google fit connection, Wear OS sensor usage settings, start screen etc.)
After fixing the settings once after phone reboot, everything works stable and as expected.

So the app is great and reliable, but having to remember and readjusting all app settings after phone rebooting is kind of a bit annoying.

i cleared app cache already, doesnt help.

This is the only app showing this kind of behaviour, and I have tons of apps installed

Steps to reproduce:

Just restart phone

Version of Sleep as Android:

I think it happens with older versions as well

Please continue with your great work!

Hi @Volki, the settings are saved in an extra file, that is intact during the updates, or reboots. And we have nothing even remotely close reported. Could there be some system “optimizations”?
Have you tried reinstalling the app? It could be also a corrupted
installation (do not forget to backup - Backup - Sleep as Android).

@Volki have have had a few such reports in the past and with few I mean 3-4 in the last 14 years and it always was some corruption of the device storage. Usually recinstall of the app will fix it, please consult our backup guide to keep your data.

This helped.

Local backup, reinstall app, local backup restore.
Thank you for your advice.

Phone reboot doesnt lose settings any more.

Hope this problem does not happen again.

Thanks again for your support!