Sleep walking wake up alarm

I’ve used this app myself before and liked it, however now I’m trying to find an app for my dad. He’s recently started sleep walking and has already gotten injured from it, he fell from his very tall bed, luckily landed on his side and not his head, but now he sleeps on the floor to prevent that risk.

The feature I’d like to see seems simple enough to me but I also know nothing about app development so maybe it isn’t, I don’t know.

What I’d like is for the app to detect excessive movement during sleep tracking and sound an alarm to wake the user up, I think an additional handy feature would be a pause for instances of going to the bathroom, user could click that before getting up, then click again to resume after back in bed. I think the pause thing might already exist actually but I haven’t used the app in a few years so don’t remember for sure.

I’ve seen someone suggest an external app integration elsewhere in the forum that might work but my dad isn’t tech savvy enough to set that up and we live in different states so I can’t help him. So a built in feature like I’m suggesting would really help mitigate the anxiety I have about him getting injured in his sleep as we already had that happen once.

I’m not sure how the app would differentiate just rolling over in bed versus sleep walking going to get out of bed, I don’t know how difficult that would be but I’m hoping someone has a solution out there. I’ve searched for already existing apps for this purpose and haven’t found any.