Sleep tracking while playing podcast or music

Hi, I have been using this app more than 5-6 years now. Apologies if this was asked before. I have 2 questions.

  1. I use accelerometer method of the sleep tracking. I like to keep playing some podcasts or something (from youtube) while going to sleep. Now, the app doesn’t recognise that I’m asleep while podcast is playing. On the graph it shows I was awake for an hour or two (even though I was asleep in minutes). Sound recording is on for recording snoring. I can understand how it might conflict for sleep tracking. Is there a way sleep as android can ignore podcast while sleep tracking? I can understand that snore recording won’t work but that’s okay for me.

  2. I find that some app (probably sleep as android but I’m not sure) pauses podcasts at random. That disturbs my sleep. I’m not talking about lowering volume slowly. It pauses the media. It kinda wakes me up. Is there a setting that can turn this behavior off?

Thanks for this awesome app.

Hi, the awake detection depends on your settings in Settings > Sleep tracking > Awake detection. If the podcast is playing even when you are already sleeping, you might need to lower the awake detection for sounds and phone usage.

If the podcast is getting some random interruptions, check, if the podcast app is not restricted to run -

Sleep can affect other apps only indirectly - by lowering volume.

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