Sleep tracking stops and smart wake up not working

Detailed description of the problem:
Hello! After the last update mi band 3 heart rate sensor started working again which is great but now I seem to lose connection with it.

Also - what never happened before - smart wake up period seem not to work. I always get awaken at the time of the alarm.

Version of Sleep as Android:

Hello Kamil,

unfortunately such issues are very difficult to track down on our end. Especially when there is a chain of third party integration such as Mi Band… The reason why you see red bars in the graphs is the watch stopped sending data to the phone or the phone stopped processing them or communication between the two was broken.

  1. Watch stopped sending data

This may be some kind of battery optimization on the watch or a memory problem which caused the system to kill our app on the watch. We do maximum we can to prevent this and at the moment we do not have reports that this would be happening on any of the wearable platforms we support…

  1. Phone stopped working

This may be some non-standard vendor-specific battery optimization on the phone or you did restrict background activity for Sleep as Android in Phone settings - Apps - Sleep as Android… for details please see:

  1. Connectivity issue

It seems there is a bug in Android 7+ doze mode. Android turn off BT as well. Some users report they have been able to workaround this by excluding MidiBluetooth and otehr BT related services from battery optimization and also Sleep as Android and the phone manager app (Gear Manager, Android Wear, Pebble app etc…)… some users report this issue is fixed for them after a recent firmware update others report that a recent update broke even the workarounds…

The issue is described here:

Another user had a workaround by turning off battery optimizations for Midi bluetooth, Sleep as Android and the watch app…

We are discussing this issue on your BETA group…

It may be some other specific issue why the phone or the watch drops connectivity…

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Thank you for detailed reply. Im going to check everything you’ve posted.

Battery optimization problems are something I am aware of and I’ve already turned off everything I could find on my OnePlus 6. Sleep as android tells me that sleep tracking may not be working properly on my device no matter what I change so it makes me wonder if there is something I’m missing in the settings.

The past 3 days, sleep tracking worked fine without any changes from my side. What has changed is heart rate monitoring - now it doesn’t show the graph at all. Its kind of random with this one.

What is still not working and is something I can not see the reason is smart wake up period. Alarm clock goes off every time at the exact time I’ve set it even tho I have my smart wake up set for 20 minutes. In the past this feature worked really well and I liked it the most. I even bought MiBand3 for higher accuracy since it has heart rate minitoring as well as accelometer on my wrist so in theory Sleep as android gets more data to acuretly wake me up and track my sleep.

Thank you.

I have a similar setup to yours (OnePlus 5T OOS + Mi Band 2) and I’m experiencing similar issues since Tuesday, which seems to coincide with Mi Band Tools update to 3.8.2, so check that.

As for the “tracking may not be working properly” message, I believe that’s simply because Sleep detects you’re running OOS. No amount of tinkering will remove that message.

I’ve had the smart wakeup not working for some time (using Xiaomi MiMax2 running Havoc Android Pie and Amazfit Bip).
I have just reverted to Sleep as Android version from 20190109, and it seems to have fixed it :slight_smile: