Sleep tracking - Sleep as Android

Do not disturb when sleeping If checked, do not disturb (DND) mode will be enabled during sleep tracking, and disabled again when sleep tracking ends. Note the following special rules: if DND was active before sleep tracking started, Sleep will not touch it (ie. it won’t disable it in the morning) if DND was activated by Sleep, but you have toggled it during the sleep tracking, Sleep will not touch it again
Turn off wireless signal during sleep This option tries to disable radios (wifi, cellular) during sleep tracking. Due to constraints gradually introduced in Android, it behaves differently based on the Android version you have on your phone. Below 4.2: turns on airplane mode Lollipop (5): turns off wifi Oreo (8): turns off wifi. If you have turned on airplane mode manually, we cannot turn wifi on for features such as IFTTT or Smartlights Q (10): does nothing - Android 10 has removed any means of controlling wifi programmatically

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Sonar doesn’t work on my device, could this be because of my stereo speakers?

One speaker is at the bottom as usual, one is at the top with the earpiece and that’s how they do stereo on the OnePlus 8t.

I’ve had the OnePlus 6 before but it broke and I do not notice this device being any worse in speaker quality, they’re even supported by Dolby and yes, I did turn the filtering off.

Is there any way to manually stop tracking? Sleep tracking always ends when alarm rings. I want to manually turn off tracking when I wake up.

Hello @Feromon, alarms have an default on option: Terminate tracking, just uncheck it…

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Hello @petr-urbandroid,

Just wondered why the doc says it’s not possible to toggle WiFi in Android 10 and up, when people say it is actually possible?

Thanks for your answer

EDIT : My bad, it’s not possible, got faked newsed, Google developers are so disappointing
Here’s a link to the issue tracker if you’re interested in reading hundreds of messages of disappointed people.

@Lantha yes I do not know why they are doing this again and again in very new version of Android :(((…

BTW we have put all our flustration with this kind of restrictions in Android into this prezentation on Droidcon Berlin:

I am having issues with alarm vibrations in DND mode.
When DND is disabled, both the phone and my Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 vibrate correctly during alarm. But whenever I have DND on (either enabled by the phone/watch’s routines, manually or by Sleep app) there are no vibrations on the device(s) which have DND on. I believe I have set everything right, even Priority in Sleep settings.

I had the same problem on my previous phone (Android 9) and I solved it probably by doing something like “remove Sleep from DND exceptions and add it again”, but I can’t remember what I exactly did. Now I have a newer phone (on Android 13) and the DND settings seem to be different; I can’t figure out anymore how to fix it.

Maybe someone has an idea what I should do, or had the same problem and has managed to fix it?


Jusy wanted to say that you haven’t documented the “Turn Off radios” feature.
Could you please explain it?

Hi, this feature may turn the radios emitted (mobile phone signal, wifi).
But it is sadly “may” and not “will” - only very old versions of Android allow us to toggle these settings. Newer Android will not let us change the WiFit or Mobile signal, even with the correct permissions.
This option should be removed from the settings in the latest update.
Which version of Sleep do you have, and which Android?