Sleep tracker stopped tracking in middle of the night

Hi all,

My sleep tracker randomly stopped tracking at about 2am this morning.

I am using the Xiamoi Miband2 and my phone is a OnePlus 6.

I disabled all of the proper battery optimizations for those apps, so I am not sure what happened.

Any advice would be appreciated!


Hi @Drew_Slater, in this case it would be best if you could send us a debug log after this happens again using menu > report a bug from the app.
However what I suspect is that there is some battery optimization still left in the system that you haven’t turned off. There are often several layers of battery optimizations and sometimes it’s not really trivial to find them.
We have a guide here ( but it’s by no means definitive…

There is a well-known, long standing, and highly annoying bug with most (or maybe all?) OnePlus phones where the battery optimization setting gets automatically and frequently reenabled by the phone for no good reason. This is well documented in the OnePlus forums, and is a likely explanation for the behaviour you’re seeing. So I suggest checking the battery optimization setting again, to see whether it got reset by the phone.

Unfortunately OnePlus have not done anything about this bug for a very long time, despite hundreds of complaints. Please complain to OnePlus about this - the more of us complain, hopefully the more likely they are to fix it!